Monday, May 11, 2009

Be Careful What You Pray For!

In the past couple of months, I have been increasingly convicted that the amount of TV watched in my home is excessive. Not just my own, but everyone's. My family, however, was not in agreement with me. I confess: I was using their reluctance as an excuse to continue to indulge myself with the shows I wanted to watch (even sometimes at the expense of much needed sleep). I was addicted. No question in my

We don't have cable or satellite and only get 5 or 6 broadcast TV stations, so it is not like there is a lot of choice in what we watch and it is not like what is available is all that good. So there really has been little reason to watch - other than mindless entertainment filled with portrayed lifestyles that are contrary to what we believe and what we consciously condone. But condoning it, we were. In my heart, I have known this and I really have no excuse for why I have continued to watch TV other than "it was there". I have justified keeping the TV around because "what about the news?" or "what about if there is an emergency?" All the while, in my heart, feeling a deepening conviction to get rid of the TV's or at least turn them off. But on I went, falling to sleep with the TV on and the timer set to turn off in 20 minutes, allowing stuff to enter my mind that should not be there.

With the change over to DTV coming, and our living out in the middle of nowhere, there has been concern about what we would actually receive after June 12th. So we decided to buy a Digital antennae. It came last Wednesday and Thursday, we hooked it up. We were all very excited to get 48 new channels! More choices! The rationale for my excitement being - maybe there was something worth watching on one of these new stations.

Friday night, we went to the Prayer Furnace and were challenged about the amount of influence we are allowing TV and the internet to have on our lives in regards to sexual purity. As we were challenged to repent, I found myself on my knees asking God for help in breaking what was obviously an addiction to TV on my part. I confessed using my family as an excuse. I confessed my lack of obedience when I clearly had heard God call me to stop watching TV a while ago. I laid my concern for my family at the feet of Jesus and let go of it.

As we were driving home, we discussed the ideas of turning off the TV for good, limiting viewing, getting rid of the things.... It all became a moot point when we got home and discovered that the pre-amp or signal booster we have had since we moved in, had stopped working. Now, not only did we no longer have the 48 new stations but the 5 or 6 regular stations are not there either. No TV.

I must say that this is NOT what I had in mind when I was praying but certainly God took care of the entire issue. Sure we can get a new booster, but when you get an answer to prayer so immediately... do we really want to replace it at this point?
My vote is to return the new antenna. Certainly, I am thinking a 40 day TV fast is in order. at least we can wait for a while before replacing the signal booster. Really....what will we miss?

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Don said...

Our family gave up TV completely, 5 yrs ago. We don't miss it at all - get enough info via 'net news sites, Facebook links, etc. Ask God to lead you via his gentle path into closer proximity to him.

So glad you attended Awaken the Dawn! We were there, too - wonderful challenges and encouragement from the Lord.