Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thoughts weighing on me tonight

Just thinking some stuff:

1 - Discernment's main purpose is to help us know how to pray for one another... I get this but when do you know when that prompting moves from one for prayer to one to take action?

2 - If we (as sheep) know our shepherd's voice (Jesus), why is it so easy to be deceived by other voices, even our own flesh?

3 - Are we as women the main problem with the lack of Godly male leadership in the home in America? Have we emasculated men to the point where they are no longer fit to lead? Have we ignored the gender issues in this country to an extent that we don't realize the damage that has been done? Is this part of the root issue in today's family? If any of the answers to these gender questions are yes, what do we, as women need to do to bring restoration?

4 - Is it EVER right to defend one's self? I mean really... Jesus never did and God says that vengeance is His and that we should rejoice when we are falsely accused and a whole lot of other things like that.... is it ever right?
5 - why is it so hard for me to keep from questioning the very gifts God has given me to use in His service?

Stay tuned... that's at least 4 blogs worth of stuff. These are the questions I am asking God. I'll let you know what I hear and read.

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